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About Us

Meghan Harder
Founder of About Time

About Meghan

Meghan has been in the health and fitness industry for almost 25 years. She has a Masters in Exercise Science, is an ACSM Clinical Exercise Physiologist, CETI Cancer Exercise Specialist,
a Tobacco Treatment Specialist and an ACE Group Fitness Instructor and Weight Management
Specialist. Over the course of her career, she has worked as a health and wellness coach, in weight management and cardiac rehab and wellness programs, and as part of a diabetes education program. She has spent the last two decades teaching group fitness class, including 18 years with the same group!

She is passionate about About Time Health Coaching, LLC., and the people she works with.
Meghan started this company to work with middle-aged and older adults ready to improve their health and wellness habits, create a higher quality of life and participate in the activities that are important to them. She is a cancer survivor, has lost 50 lbs, and knows what it is like to manage stress, sleep, exercise, nutrition, family, and life happenings. It can seem overwhelming. She is here to help clients take control of health and wellness practices one step at a time. It can be done; it is just ABOUT TIME.

Why Work with Me

  • I have been coaching people in the fitness industry for over 20 years.
  • I am trained in behavior change methods and strategies.
  • I have been teaching stress management and nutrition strategies for most of those 20 years. However, I am not a registered dietitian (no meal plans).
  • I have worked in Cardiac Rehab and Wellness teaching nutrition, stress management, and fitness classes.
  • I have developed Weight Management programs.
  • I have worked with people with Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Arthritis, Cancer, and those wanting to quit tobacco and nicotine products.
  • I am a cancer survivor.
  • I lost 50 lbs.
  • My dad passed away from Head and Neck Cancer due to smoking at a young age (61), I am passionate about helping you quit tobacco and nicotine so you can spend time with loved ones and reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. I understand it is a strong addiction.
  • I am good listener, compassionate, understanding and committed to seeing you succeed.

I know what it’s like to struggle and suffer, and I know what it’s like to turn things around. I combine the compassion I’ve reaped from my personal experiences with my professional expertise to help others do the same.

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