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Frequently Asked Questions

Health coaching is a process in which a coach and client work together to create behavior change with evidence-based and skill-building conversations. What does that mean? I am a supporter, guide, and partner in implementing change, but YOU are the one who makes the changes. We will develop a plan based on your goals, your lifestyle, and your strengths. I can help you get unstuck by working with you to find out what is keeping you from your goals. Health coaching is not me telling you what to do. I will show up for you however you need help (accountability, encouragement, resources, and unconditional support) and assist you with coming up with your own conclusions about what will (and will not) work for you in meeting your goals.
Sessions are weekly 30-minute check-ins. If the behavior change is for physical activity, the session may change to 60 minutes as we progress and possibly 2 sessions during a given week. Each meeting will entail discussing the past week’s successes, thoughts and observations, and opportunities for progressing toward your goals. At the end of each session, we will discuss your action plan for the next week or two. While the behavior change process offers a general path to follow, your journey down the path is purely yours. We will work together to create the lifestyle you desire by creating a plan that works for you and your life.
Between sessions, you will work on the action plan you made during our last session. This may include tracking, journaling, physical activity sessions, practicing calming techniques, and finding time in your schedule for self-care. I will send you at least 2 emails a week to check in and offer resources if you want.
I am available via email at any time. Please allow me 24 hours to respond, however, I should be able to respond sooner.
This is an excellent question that has a multitude of answers! I know, great, right? Change varies with each person. Some habits are deeply ingrained in our lifestyle, and it may take a while to make sustainable changes. Things that help with sustainability are being motivated, having a plan you can follow, having a supportive environment, and developing a skill set. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, being able to offer yourself grace and acceptance if life happens and you get derailed and then get back into your goal-centered routine.

Once a session is scheduled between the client and About Time Health Coaching, LLC, it is the
client’s responsibility to either attend the scheduled session or provide at least twenty-four (24)
hours’ notice of cancellation. I understand that you may need to cancel or reschedule a session
due to illness, vacation, or other unforeseen events. As long as you let me know with at least 24
hours before the scheduled time, there is no fee for cancellation or rescheduling. If the client
cancels less than 24 hours of the session, the client shall be responsible for the session.

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